. K Y O T O .

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. O S T E R I A ~ F R A N C E S C A N A .

Watching Chef Massimo Bottura on the Chef’s Table had me kicking myself in the butt for deciding to not attempt to go to Modena, to his restaurant, and to eat at his restaurant. I am… Continue reading

. H E A T H E R ~ R O O N E Y .

Discovered one of the most talented artist as titled. Some of her amazing work which you can appreciate/watch/gawk in awe at: Tumblr: Heather Rooney Instagram: Heather Rooney YouTube: Heather Rooney     |… Continue reading

. S E M I N Y A K ~ U L U W A T U , B A L I .

I can’t seem to get enough of you Bali. May I stay here for as long as I want please? | images by the author |

. V E N I C E .

Everyone’s gotta try visit this quaint and romantic city before it sinks. Venice, I love your old soul charm. | images by the author |  

. M I L A N .

Fashion capital and the Duomo. Divine Beauty. | images by the author |

. F R I E N D S .

Reading Garance Dore‘s entry on her army of friends resonated well. I am truly thankful for my handful of girlfriends – whilst it may lack in quantity but it exceeds in quality.  ❤ | illustration by… Continue reading

. T A S M A N I A .

Specifically – Hobart, Bruny Island, Maria Island. One of the most scenic and beautiful places I’ve visited. I’ll be back. | images by the author |

. S A I S O N .

simply divine. | images by the author |

. O S A K A .

Snippets of Osaka. There will be more to come… | Images by the author |